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It Works Body Wraps

The Ultimate Body Applicator, known as It Works Body Wraps, is the flagship product of It Works Global and its products for the Body. This It Works Body Wraps Review will look at ‘that crazy wrap thing’, affectionately called by its users and often overhead by bystanders. The Ultimate Body Applicator has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. It was made very clear from the outset that the company does not claim that it works for everyone, and it is perhaps better thought of as a jump start to living a healthier lifestyle, as the results do vary from person to person. Buyers of the Body Wraps come from different circumstances but all have the common goal to a tighten, tone and firm up those problem areas.

The Body Wraps are a financial success but what keeps this multi-million dollar company going? Reasons vary. Some people are willing to give these body wraps a try because they have tried everything else, including trying to eat better and exercising. Others want to fit into a dress for a special occasion and others still simply do not have the time to work out but want to see immediate results. This product has plenty of skeptics, and rightly so. There is no product that works to melt away fat and keep it that way and weight-related health issues cost the economy millions of dollars each year. If there was a ‘cure’ it would have long ago been covered by health care plans in an effort to reduce ballooning government health care costs. As we all know, losing weight and keeping it off requires frequent exercise and burning off more calories than we eat. With this said, sometimes physical conditions can prevent this from happening. So it was with a healthy dose of skepticism that I asked my wife to use the products and take before and after pictures. She decided she wanted to apply one on her problem areas (according to her): thighs. She also wanted to do the traditional belly wrap. She is average height and weight so we were not sure what would happen and to what extent we would see results. All I knew is that I wanted to see it with my own eyes. She did one application on her thighs and two for her waist.

It Works Wraps on Wife's Thighs

It Works Wraps on Wife’s Thighs


The results were noticeable only 1 hour after for her thighs. As you can see for yourself. In retrospect the different panties kind of throws you off, but I can confirm that it was what seemed like no time at all before I took the second picture (she was told to take a hot shower to open up her pores before the wrap). The second set of pictures also show a difference, but as she is average weight for her height the difference is not as pronounced as others have posted or as effective as her thigh treatment. That being said, it definitely tightened, toned and firmed up her tummy area as well. Now, this is not with the full 4 wrap treatment cycle.

It Works Body Wraps on Wife's Stomach

It Works Body Wraps on Wife’s Stomach


In our research we came across many stories of people seeing results and it went on to transform their lifestyle so that they could keep the slimmer waist line. In this way it can be a catalyst for healthier living. There were also those that the wrap did not work right away. Some of those that kept at it were able to see results after more than one cycle. Others quit after the first set and decided not to invest their money into the product any further. Fair enough. Knowing that it works for plenty of people, and my wife is a very personal example that I can attest to, I have seen the results of this product. For those that it does not work there is plenty of advice and support available to maximize results for your body. For some, it may not work to their satisfaction. The way I see it, trying doesn’t hurt and there is a chance that it will make a real difference. As a witness to someone who has taken that opportunity to try it out, the results were overwhelmingly positive.



It Works Body Wraps

It Works Body Wraps




It Works Body Wraps

Retail Price: $99.00USD

Loyal Customer Price: $59USD

Rating: 4/5

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Body Wraps Comparison

 It Works Body Wraps
VendorIt Works GlobalWrap Yourself Slim
Price per UnitLoyal: $14.75USD/wrap
Retail: $24.75USD/wrap
eBook: $29.95
ProsWell establish, consistent wraps with a history of success.Lowered costs after upfront $29.95 for eBook plus all ingredients.
ConsIt adds up if you need ongoing multiple treatments to get the desired results.Messy, and possibly lower or at least uncertain level of quality.
Bottom LineIf you are devoted to the process, the loyal pricing makes it a much simpler, cleaner process.Good for those that are DIY fanatics and those that do not mind experimenting with the wrap process to save some money.

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